soulofsuwBased on a concept created by writer Carlton Harvey, Soul of Suw is a musically tinged fantasy adventure which I co-wrote as client work for Terminus Media LLC.

From the book’s website: “Welcome to a world where emotions are tangible and music is a malleable force able to be manipulated. In this place, lust is a mist, sex a storm and anger, the volcanic eruption burning within a soul; faith moves as the wind, love is a guiding light and freedom a home beyond the sky.

Souls are the descendants of love; product of a war between muzik filled creatures known as supremiums. Banished to a world of darkness, they must find a way to embrace the light, regain their freedom and claim their legacy in love.

Child is a soul from the town of Suw who is thrust into the age long war when he is visited by the supremium of death…Midnye. During the conflict, Child is saved by a warrior of light, Decision, who gives him the choice of spending the rest of his life afraid of the darkness or taking up arms to embrace the light.

Welcome to Suw.”

The book features great pencils and inks by the esteemed Don Hillsman II (Gambit: House of Cards, Scion) and colors by the talented Nimesh Morarji. You can pick up the book here.

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