stealth1An action packed superhero comic that I wrote for William Satterwhite’s webcomic Stealth.  Art by Jamar Logan.

From the Peep Game Comix website: “Exclusive preview comic for the upcoming original graphic novel Stealth: Vol. 1, The Life and Times of Allen White written by freelance writer and Glyph Comics Award nominee Robert Jeffrey II (Radio Free Amerika, Daddy’s Little Girl) with dynamic art by Jamar Logan (Demon Universe, Planet Godz).”

The story acts as a prequel to the larger origin story of Stealth, and I had a ball having a chance to bring this tale to life. The full origin will be released in an upcoming graphic novel

You can buy Stealth: The Life And Times of Allen White at Peep Game Comix.

Review for Stealth: The Life And Times of Allen White

“So it’s a short story, but Jeffrey packs quite a bit into it. Stealth is clearly a superhero in the traditional Spider-Man mode, who does what he does because it’s right, and that’s all (“with great power”…yadda yadda yadda). The goal of this story is to entice readers to want to read more about Stealth, and that is accomplished here.”- J. R Lemar, I Blog A Lot


Preview Pages for Stealth: The Life And Times of Allen White

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