I’m currently the Editor In Chief of, and also a contributing writer. The website provides a voice for a segment of science fiction/ fantasy/ speculative fiction creators and fandom that quite simply is never given the focus that it deserves. My articles with the website can be found here.


“Black is the premier site for the latest updates on Sci-Fi, Sci-Fact and Fantasy entertainment, news, people, places, and events and the measure of their impact on the African-American community.

We seek to inform and inspire the imagination of individuals who aspire to live beyond the boundaries of everyday life.”




For the past two years I’ve had the awesome fortune to be a contributing blogger for the creative community known as the Tessera Guild.  You can find my posts here. I try to blog on a bi-weekly basis so definitely stay tuned.

From the website’s About section:

“Tessera is the Breakfast Club, the Goonies, and the White Council all wrapped into one juicy, creative enchilada. If you’re wondering what Tessera means, look it up. It’s Greek. Old Greek. We’re a mosaic of five, a guild, a small collective, but a nation unto ourselves. We like to write…and draw…and paint…and write some more. We take our work seriously. That’s why we’re here.

What can you expect from Tessera? Content. Lots of it. We’ll be here every weekday, blogging our wee hearts out. We have downloadable content, including free art, excerpts from novels, short stories, and more. We have stuff for you to buy: books, art, comics…delve deep enough and you’ll find something for everyone. We’d like to connect with you, our readers. If there’s something you want to see on Tessera, we want you to tell us. We’re also receptive to guest bloggers and new guild members.”


A sampling of some of the great offerings from the Tessera Guild members, Amanda Makepeace, John Robert McGuire, J Edward Neill, myself, and Chad J Shonk.