Kabi Chronicles: The Edge Motion Comic Series/ Scriptwriter for a motion comic series


I worked with the Terminus Media LLC scripting team on creating the award winning Centers for Disease Control series, Kabi Chronicles: The Edge Motion Comic Series.

As explained at the Terminus Media website:  this innovative series produced by Terminus Media for the Center for Disease Control is designed to entertain and educate young people about HIV and STD prevention. This 7 part series uses one of the most powerful tools in the world to pass along vital information – great storytelling.

Along with helping to build the overall story with with a team of talented creators for the project, I wrote the script for episodes 2, 4, and 7.

You can watch all 7 episodes of the series here.

Deals Around Me Explainer Video/ Scriptwriter for animated commercial

A client project I worked on through Terminus Media, I wrote the script for an explainer video for the Deals Around Me app.

Hero Comics, The Messenger Book 3: Fighting Giants/  Comic Book Scriptwriter

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Was hired to write the third issue of Hero Comics’ The Messenger comic book series.  Pencils by Jorge Santiago.

From the series websiteChristian Light, son of well-to-do parents Joel and Lauren and big brother to sister Evangeline is an all American kid.  This Roswell, GA teen is the former star quarterback, captain of the football team and straight ‘A’ student living the life.   His parents were killed in a bombing committed by a criminal seeking their experimental healing suit.

The heat of the explosion combined with the serum fused the suit to Christian’s skin.  The unforeseen side effects of this accident has now given Christian heightened strength, speed, agility and other abilities yet to be seen.  With an irrepressible righteous indignation and need for justice, Christian has now taken on the role of God’s Messenger to this lost generation.