I wrote several pieces of prose fiction in the open-world online space sim video game Phantom Galaxies.

Astrafite Rush: Unappreciated

In the bustling Neoterra capital, the Commonwealth Department of Intelligence Affairs is one building amid millions. Toiling away at his desk in a closet-sized cubicle, Prentice is reaching his breaking point. A sinister offer comes, which could upend his entire world…

Phantom Galaxies: Homestead

Amid wartorn Ionia, Typhon is a lush world of natural splendor and rich harvests. Farmer Ayanna is determined to protect her children, her home, and her crops, but greedy and vicious marauders are never far in the NCA.

Phantom Galaxies: Chimera’s Ghosts (Community Choice Adventure)

Goda and Pennaway seek the identity of the puppet master behind all of this chaos and violence…

A revelation upends everything Pennaway…

Terminus 2 (Anthology)/ The Crossing: Moonlit Skies

The ATLiens have returned with more Black Fantastic stories! This time the tales range from paranormal to horror to cyberfunk. Prepare yourself for another amazing ride from Bankhead to Buckhead and beyond!

Dark Universe: The Bright Empire/ My Sister’s Keeper

The Dark Age is over, and the Known is in the firm grasp of the Cassads. As the galaxy spins, dragging planets and star systems in its wake, unrest rises to the surface of the celestial firmament. For while the Cassads burn brightly, the people under their rule are neglected and stifled. The Dark Age is over. The Bright Empire has begun, but the stars do not shine brightly on everyone.

Eight Gunshots: Stories of the Wild West/ A Miracle in Anderson

A gunslinger enters a shooting contest despite his wife’s warnings. A criminal gang faces off against a town gone mad. A Native chief avenges his tribe. An old man reflects on his lost love. A soldier and a bounty hunter search for a missing girl. The past catches up to an outlaw who found religion. A lone wolf discovers the companionship he craves. The sole survivor of a massacre prepares for bloody revenge.

“Eight Gunshots: Stories of the Wild West” is a short story anthology magazine that brings back the feel of classic western pulps with a modern edge, with eight stories from the cream of today’s short story and independent comics worlds, illustrated by the rising stars of the small-press comics industry. Saddle up for a trip back to the old west!